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How much does torch-down roofing cost in 2023?

$4.400 – $15.000the average total cost to install

$4 – $7.50the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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How much does torch-down roofing cost in 2023?

In the mid-1960s, torch-down roofing was developed as an improved alternative to other multilayer systems. And it really surpassed in flexibility and durability, while its cost remained lower. Today, it is popular with owners of flat-roofed houses, especially in rainy areas. Due to its waterproofing ability, torch-down roofing resists leaks common to flat roofs. If you're tempted to choose this roofing for your home, it's essential to understand what budget you can expect.

So how much does a torch-down roof cost? American homeowners pay between $4.400 and $15.000 for such a project, while the average bill is about $10,700. At a minimum, you can spend $2.500, but with many price-raising factors, this amount can reach $25.800.

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Average price range

$4.400 - $15.000

Torch-down roof cost per square foot

The contractor always calculates the final quote based on the square footage of the roof to ensure transparency. Therefore, it is more reasonable to focus on the cost per square foot, which ranges from $4 to $7.50 in such a project. Meanwhile, the roofer's labor alone can cost $2 - $4, and the expected material price ranges from $1 to $2 per square foot.

Materials cost per sq. ft.

$1 - $2

Labor cost per sq. ft.

$2 - $4

Average cost per sq. ft.

$4 - $7.50

Torch-down roofing cost by size

If you know the approximate size of your roof and the average cost of each square foot, you can estimate how much your project could cost using the table below.

Roof square footage

Average cost


$4.000 - $7.500


$4.800 - $9.000


$6.000 - $11.250


$6.800 - $12.750


$8.000 - $15.000


$10.000 - $18.750


$12.000 - $22.500


$14.000 - $26.250

Torch-down roof cost factors

Labor cost for torch-down roofing

As you can note above, the price range for such a roofing project is extensive. It is explained by the fact that the price is formed considering many factors. While only a professional contractor can provide an accurate quote, you can still research and consider these factors when budgeting.


Torch-down roll roofing prices range from $350 to $700 per installed roll. This two-fold difference largely depends on the region where you live. And there are some reasons for that:

  • If, in one region, materials can be bought at any nearby store, then in another, they are scarce and more difficult to get, which increases their cost.
  • If you cannot find materials in your area, you will pay for their transportation and delivery, adding to the final cost.
  • The high cost of living and the level of average wages in some states are forcing contractors to raise their rates.
  • Since torch-down roll roofing is only suitable for flat roofs, the cost will be lower if such tops are standard in your area because high demand makes prices more competitive.


When planning your roofing project, it's essential to understand when you're going to start, as the season can affect the final cost. For example, summer as a vacation time allows homeowners to focus more on purchasing materials and supervising construction work. As a result, the demand for roofers' services can grow along with the torch-down roofing labor cost. 

In contrast, late autumn or winter, together with low temperatures and frequent precipitation in some regions, reduces the excitement around the installation of roofs. Also, with a low number of off-season clients, some contractors even offer discounts on their services, which means you can jump in on a good deal.

Number of roof layers

​​If you consider this roofing for your home, you will have to choose between its 2-layer and 3-layer versions. And this difference in one layer significantly affects the final price for materials. In particular, if the 2-layer torch-downing costs $110 - $160 per square (i.e., 100 square feet), the 3-layer alternative only starts at $170 and can go up to as much as $550 per square. 

This impressive spread in price has two main reasons. First, this third layer provides you with reliable protection against roof punctures and leaks. Thus, it will save your nerves and money on torch-down roof repairs in the future. Second, its anti-damage properties prolong the life of the roof. In comparison, a 2-layer roof usually lasts up to 15 years, while its 3-layer alternative can last you 20-25 years.

2-layer roofing

$110 - $160 per square (materials only)

3-layer roofing

$170 - $550 per square (materials only)


The central component of this roofing is modified bitumen or, in other words, asphalt modified with styrene-butadiene-styrene or atactic polypropylene polymers. These polymers have different functions. If SBS is responsible for the elasticity of roofing, APP provides its resistance to ultraviolet rays. Depending on the selected polymer, the price will differ. 

Besides, some manufacturers cover the surface of torch-down roofing with special granules. In addition to extra protection against UV radiation, they also provide fire resistance. Therefore, applying these granules also increases the cost of the roofing.

Durability and energy efficiency

The longevity of a roof primarily depends on the quality of the installed materials. High-grade options are produced according to industry standards and are much more resistant to external influences. In addition, they are less likely to crack, split and leak water. However, high quality can be costly. Therefore, you need to decide whether you want to save money initially or save on future investments in repair or even replacement. 

The quality of a torch-down membrane also affects the roof's energy efficiency. Those that come with a reflective coating allow for lowering the workload of the air conditioning systems and optimizing energy costs. To save even more on utilities, you can further invest in roof insulation. 


Pay attention not only to the price but also to the reputation, reviews, after-sales service, and warranties when comparing roofing manufacturers. For example, if the price of materials is much lower than the average market value, this may indicate their low quality. Therefore, it is more reliable to trust the manufacturer who has proven its products among consumers.


Average cost per sq. ft (materials only)


$0.80 - $1.50

Texas Refinery Corporation

$0.60 - $1.20

Firestone Building Products

$0.90 - $1.80

Johns Manville Roofing Systems

$1.00 - $1.50

The labor cost of torch-down roofing installation

Torch-down roofing installation cost

This roofing is unsuitable for do-it-yourself installation primarily because the process is quite dangerous. In particular, the contractor melts the bitumen using a torch with an open flame, which is why this roofing is also called “torch-on”. The process requires increased precautions, not to mention experience and skills. That's why installing torch-on roofing costs up to $4 per square foot and makes up about 60% of the total cost.

Just as importantly, many brands provide warranty coverage for materials only if a certified roofer installs them. If this requirement is violated, the warranty will be void. Therefore, hiring a professional contractor guarantees both the installation quality and your peace of mind.

With MyHomeQuote, you can find local licensed contractors specializing in torch-down roofing and hire a pro whose rates fit your budget. Fill out the request form below to start your journey to professional roofing services.

Other factors boosting the installation cost of a torch-down roof

In most cases, roofing work comes with some additional expenses. For example, your hired roofer may determine that the underlay needs to be replaced or tell you that work can only start with special permits. Therefore, consider putting an additional amount in the budget.

Pricing factor

Average cost

Getting permits

$150 - $500

Conducting a professional inspection

$100 to $400

Repair the existing roof

$300 - $1.250

Old roof removal & disposal

$1.500 - $2.500

Underlayment replacement

$660 to $1.425

Roof vents installation

$200 - $700

Roof warranty

$500 - $2.000

Getting permits

In fact, this is another location-related factor, as roofing permits are only required in some municipalities. However, your insurance company may also insist on obtaining them, as compliance with local building codes is sometimes a fundamental condition for coverage. Either way, expect to pay $150 - $500 for these permits.

Conducting a professional inspection

First, a hired contractor can inspect the roof to understand its condition/features/problems before the roofing is installed. In addition, inspections may be part of the permitting process. In this case, the inspector monitors the roof installation at different stages. The cost of each inspection varies from $100 to $400.

Repair the existing roof

Torch-down roofing is only suitable for flat roofs with inherent problems. In particular, they cannot quickly discharge water due to an almost gentle slope. As a result, the accumulated water forms a ponding on the surface, and you may experience leaks. If this happens, the problem must be fixed before the roofing is installed, and this repair can cost you $300 - $1.250.

Old roof removal & disposal

While it is possible to layer new roofing over an existing roof, it does come with some risks. First, it adds weight to the structure and may exceed its load-bearing capacity. Besides, any unevenness in the old surface prevents proper installation of torch-down roofing. Therefore, getting rid of the old roof is better, which can cost between $1.500 - $2.500.

Underlayment replacement

Torch-down roofing cannot be appropriately installed if the existing underlayment is sagging or worn. Also, a deteriorated underlayment cannot provide adequate protection against water intrusion. Its replacement price ranges from $660 to $1.425, but it will save you a lot of leak-related problems.

Roof vents installation

Installation of torch-down roofing is carried out under the influence of high temperatures. Without proper ventilation, the heat generated is stored in the roofing system and, over time, can lead to premature wear of the materials. Thus, by paying $200 - $700 for the vent installation, you prolong the life of the roofing.

Roof warranty

Like many bona fide manufacturers, roofing contractors can provide warranties on the quality of their work. They can cost $500 - $2.000, but these expenses are optional. Still, if you have problems with your new roofing after it has been installed, you know exactly who to contact to solve them.


How much does a torch-down roof cost in your county?

The availability of roofing materials, the total cost of living, the demand for professional services, and even the season and weather in your county all matter when calculating the final price of a project. So your "How much does torch-down roofing cost?" question should be addressed to a roofer in your area, and an exact answer can only be received when all details are clarified. With MyHomeQuote, you can save time looking for qualified local roofers. You just leave a request, get free quotes, and hire a professional who best suits your requirements and budget.

What is a torch-down roofing system?

This roofing system comprises two or three modified bitumen layers reinforced with polyester or fiberglass mats. Once the layers of modified bitumen are rolled onto the roof, a professional roofer melts them down to adhere tightly to the surface and create a solid waterproof barrier. In this case, the meltdown occurs due to using a propane torch, which gave the name to this system.

Is it worth investing in torch-down roofing?

The answer to this question depends on what requirements you put forward for roofing. If you are looking for one solution for many years, then the 20-30 year service life of this roofing will meet your expectations. If you want to minimize the risk of your flat roof leaking, then multiple layers of torch-down roofing can do it. However, it is unsuitable for do-it-yourself installations and repairs and is available in a limited number of colors. If any of these are your main criteria, try to consider other options.