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An awning window - A functional and laconic option for your home

What makes your home comfortable for a living? You're wrong if you think it's room sizes, interior, or furniture quality. You might be surprised, but the key ingredient to your home's comfort is wide and functional windows. If properly chosen and installed, these essential elements of your house can affect its exterior and interior, save energy, and protect you from external noise. Already having second thoughts about your existing windows? No worries, replacement awning windows, for instance, can be used anywhere, from your bathroom to a kitchen, or in low-level locations, like a basement, to add comfort and functionality. However, before heading to the local home improvement store, consider getting to know what awnings windows are and where they fit best to choose wisely. Do note that your current windows can be ideal for your house. But replacing them with newer models is always a good idea. You’ll get a fresh exterior of your place, new features available, and more appealing numbers in your monthly bills.

An awning window - A functional and laconic option for your home

What is an awning window?

Imagine a regular window with hinges at the top and opening outwards. This is an awning window. Depending on their purpose, windows of this type can be either rectangular or square. They swing, not slide, and such an opening method brings you lots of benefits. 

These windows can be installed anywhere in your house to provide access to fresh air and secure the perimeter. They are mostly wider than taller, which facilitates the opening-closing procedure. Awning windows are best for restricted spaces like bathrooms, basements, or stair passages.

An operational principle of a replacement awning window

Opening and closing an awning window is a very simple procedure. You need to unlock the locks on its sides and turn the crank handle. You can adjust the angle of exterior awning windows up to 90 degrees based on your preferences. To close it, turn the handle backward and lock the window on both sides. 

Areas of usage (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.)

Awning windows are ideal for any location in your apartment or house where you want to ensure 24/7 access to fresh air and, at the same time, worry less about security. They will be a perfect fit for:

  • Bathroom. An awning window is the best choice to make your bathroom private and well-ventilated at the same time. You can place it as high on the wall as needed to have privacy, open it whenever you want to add some fresh air, and save on electricity.  
  • Bedroom. Having a good refreshing sleep in a non-ventilated bedroom can be challenging. You are aware of this, but security is more important than health, right? After awning windows installation, you can be sure that your house is secured so you can enjoy fresh air year-round. 
  • Kitchen. If your kitchen or dining room design leaves little space for regular windows, consider substituting them with awning ones. Due to their shape and opening method, these windows save space while ensuring proper ventilation. You can place them over furniture and still have access to air circulation all year long.  
  • Low-level locations. Due to design peculiarities, awning windows are more suitable for securing access to your residence than any other window type. You can safely install one in your basement or the ground-floor room. Just do not open them too wide, and your house is secured. 

The area of application is not limited by these options. Awning windows offer maximum flexibility, allowing you to install them anywhere where you require constant air circulation and increased security. 

Awning window frame materials

Like traditional windows of other types, awning windows can be made from wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, or composite. Of course, windows made from steel are the most durable solution, but their price is far from reasonable for an average homeowner. Their expensiveness is compensated by minimal maintenance requirements and a modern look. 

The cost of awning windows made from aluminum, fiberglass, and cellular PVC is significantly lower, but each option has certain downsides. Items made from wood can warp over time and are subject to weathering. The same applies to aluminum awning windows, but they are less expensive than wood windows and more durable. 

Fiberglass and cellular PVC awning windows are an optimal solution for you if you are not looking for the cheapest materials like vinyl and do not require fancy windows. Anyway, you have various options to choose from depending on your project, purpose, and budget. 

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Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Window Renovation Pros

Awning window sizes

Usually, a standard awning window is smaller than a regular one. The standard size of an awning window can be from 2 inches to about 3 feet in width and from 1 foot to about 7 feet in height. 

However, you can always order the window according to your project specs. Just remember that awning window prices directly depend on their width. Always consult with a professional before ordering them to ensure their full compatibility with your design and location requirements. 

Pros and cons of replacement awning windows

Like windows of traditional types, awning windows have their benefits and drawbacks. Explore both before making a well-weighed decision to avoid disappointment and unnecessary spending if their disadvantages are crucial for you. 

Why buy awning windows?

  1. They look good. Awning windows refresh the look of your residence and even increase its price. You can choose from various styling, sizes, and materials to balance the reasonable pricing and extended functionality of your new windows. 
  2. They bring you extra air and light. With awning windows, you can keep them open almost all year long to have the ventilation of your room or other facilities. Or, you can add light to your basement without spending a dime on more wires or expensive battery-powered lights.
  3. They are versatile. You can install awning windows anywhere in your house or apartment if they fit the project. You are limited by your imagination and budget only. 
  4. They reduce noise. Since awning windows are simple in design, they do not let the air out and, when they are sealed, protect your room from outside sounds much better than regular windows can.
  5. They are energy efficient. Same as with noise reduction, awning windows have constructive benefits that do not let the air go inside or outside when sealed. It can have a positive effect on your energy bills. 
  6. They are all-season. You can keep these windows open regardless of the weather. Would it be rain, snow, or wind, by adjusting the angle, you can set the position of an awning window in a way that will not let weather conditions bother you inside the house. 
  7. They are affordable. Choose your awning window depending on the budget and preferences. They can be expensive and made from steel or inexpensive vinyl items, but it is always up to you to decide. 
  8. They are secure and private. Awning windows are much more secure than regular windows are. You can install small awning windows in your bathroom or bedroom high enough to eliminate any privacy concerns, so you won’t have to be afraid of any break-ins. 

Despite the impressive list of awning windows pluses, keep in mind the potential downsides of installing them.

Issues to consider before making a purchase

  1. They are not suitable for high-traffic areas. By opening outwards, such a window can become an obstacle for people on a sidewalk, for example.
  2. They are harder to clean than traditional windows. These windows are more exposed to weather whims like rain or snow, so you will need to clean them more often. It can be a problem if they are installed in hard-to-reach places. 
  3. Their mechanism is more complex and requires careful attention. Maintenance can be challenging if you are not ready for it. 
  4. They limit your escape routes. If you have large awning windows and you fit, then it will not be a problem, but, in most cases, awning windows cannot be used for emergency escape. 

How much do awning windows cost?

If you seek an averagely priced awning window, you can expect to spend from $225 to about $500 per unit. However, specific requirements for materials, size, and location may increase the price per window to $1.000 or even more. Awning windows installation takes only 10% of the overall project cost and can make you spend from $20 to $50 per unit. That is why it does not make sense to try skimping on the professional installation. Find and hire the best local window contractors to ensure their proper functioning. 

Don't get lured by extra cheap awning window prices, as it may result in higher spending in the long run. Even small leakage can become a huge problem for you, so consider this purchase wisely. Keep in mind that an awning window is an investment in your comfort rather than extra spending. 

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