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Double-hung windows - An ultimate solution to keep your home properly sealed all year round

A double-hung option is the first that springs to mind when you think about a standard window style in most American homes. Windows of this type are called double-hung as both their sashes are operable and move up and down. Functionality, energy efficiency, increased airflow, simple cleaning - these and other advantages make windows with moveable sashes a perfect fit for people seeking the best price-quality ratio. If you seek all-encompassing information about this type of window, its energy-saving properties, configuration, and average installation prices, continue reading this article.

Double-hung windows - An ultimate solution to keep your home properly sealed all year round

What is a double-hung window?

The operational principle of double-hung windows is quite simple. The unit is made up of two operable sashes in a single frame. Sashes can slide up and down independently, ensuring airflow to the room. Standard-sized double-hung windows work best for limited spaces as their sashes remain flush with the wall in the open form. You can install them next to patios, decks, and walkways not worrying they will block the passage. 

What are the double-hung window types?

The cost of double-hung units greatly varies on their frame materials. The most demanded options include but are not limited to aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Let us closely examine each material to evaluate its advantages and downsides.

  • Vinyl double-hung windows. Windows with vinyl frames are one of the most cost-efficient, yet they tend to wear out faster and can not ensure long service life. Besides, they can fade and lose their original look. 
  • Fiberglass double-hung windows. This material offers reliable moisture resistance and insulation. It's more expensive than vinyl, but you will have fewer headaches by installing double-hung windows made of this material. 
  • Aluminum double-hung windows. Aluminum is a robust frame material that has excellent weather-resistant properties. However, it should be properly maintained to avoid rust. 
  • Wooden double-hung windows. Frames made of this material are of extra class as they offer a timeless look, durability, and insulation. However, you should consider your local climate installing wooden windows as they're prone to expansion and contraction.

What are the standard double-hung window sizes?

Windows of this type come in a wide variety of dimensions and can be customized according to your needs. 

Double-hung windows vary in height from 36 inches to 72 inches. The standard heights include:

  • 36 inches
  • 44 inches
  • 52 inches
  • 54 inches
  • 62 inches
  • 72 inches

Standard double-hung sizes for width vary from 24 inches to 48 inches. The standard sizes include:

  • 24 inches
  • 28 inches
  • 32 inches
  • 40 inches
  • 48 inches

What are the best places for double-hung windows installation?

Double-hung windows can succinctly fit into the design of almost any room in the house, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. At the same time, a child's room should be equipped with a single-hung unit for ultimate security. 

If you live on the upper floor, you will appreciate a practical design of double-hung windows as their top sash can slide down and title inwards, giving you an option to clean panes from both sides without calling an industrial alpinist.

The difference between a double-hung window and a single-hung window

Feature                                                   Single-hung windows                                                     Double-hung windows                                                          
Operation One fixed and operable sash Both sashes are operable
Style Authentic, historic, craftsman Victorian, traditional, colonial
Sizes Available in standard and custom sizes Available in standard and custom sizes
Cleaning and maintenance Bottom sash tilting feature Upper and lower sash with a tilting feature
Frame materials Vinyl, wood, fiberglass Vinyl, wood, fiberglass


$300 - $1.500

Energy-saving properties These units feature only one moveable sash that, in some cases, can make them more energy-saving than their double-hung counterparts. Single-hung windows can be upgraded to possess better energy-saving features. These units ensure better airflow, but as moveable sashes wear over time, they can lose their energy-saving properties. Still, double-hung units with vinyl frames and insulated glass can save you a big buck on electricity.
Installation Units of this type can be installed in multiple ways, including replacement and new construction As well as single-hung windows, double-hung ones are available in multiple installation methods, including new construction and replacement

What does the process of double-hung windows replacement involve?

Both single- and double-hung units suit DIY installation and replacement. All you need is the required tools at hand and a bit of craftsmanship expertise. Check the steps below to get ready for double-hung windows replacement:

  • Check measurements

Start with measuring the existing window with tape to ensure your insert has the correct dimensions. Your new window should be at least 3/8” narrower than the opening width and ¼” narrower than the opening height to allow enough clearance for mounting. 

  • Remove sashes and stops

If you have to deal with the old window dismantling, you should start with cutting balance cords and chains of a bottom sash. Once you're done with that, dismantle the parting stops and slide down the top sash to remove it. Once the old window is extracted, all weight pocket voids should be filled with insulation.

  • Clean opening 

The next step involves an opening cleaning of debris and dust. Once you are done with that, apply a 3/8 bead of sealant to each side jamb.

  • Insert a new window unit

Lift the bottom sash and place the new unit into a ready opening. Fasten it with the help of screws through pre-drilled holes in the frame, and finally, check if the window sits well in the frame.

  • Add shims 

If the new window appears to be not level, you have to add shims and only then tight the installation screws. Make sure to check if the upper and lower sashes operate as it meant to.

  • Insulate and apply stops

Once the main stages of mounting are completed, apply interior stops and insert the foam backer rod between the interior frame and the opening. And finally, apply a sealant to the interior window perimeter.

Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Window Renovation Pros

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Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Window Renovation Pros

How much do double-hung windows cost?

Due to their functional design and energy-efficient properties, double-hung units have been holding their primacy among American homeowners for decades. These windows are manufactured by top national brands like Pella and Andersen as well as regional manufacturers, which means the price range is diversified.

When estimating the double-hung window prices, one should consider cost-affecting factors like size, frame material, screen type, and energy-efficiency properties. Standard units cost lower than custom ones in 99 percent of cases. There is also a cost difference between new construction and replacement units as the latest ones take longer to be mounted. On top of that, dismantling old windows adds to the installation cost of double-hung windows. That means you should expect to pay a 5-7% higher price for this service. 

A standard-sized window with two moveable sashes will cost you around $505 per unit, including material and labor. Double-hung window frame materials affect their overall cost. Thus, units with vinyl frames start at $395 per unit, while wooden ones are at $525. Additional features of double-hung windows like double or triple glazing, tempered glass, Low-E coating, and argon gas filled in between window panes also add to the final estimate. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that paying about $840 per energy-saving window, including professional installation, is a wise investment that will be paid off in the next 5-10 years. 

If you want to learn everything about the average costs of double-hung windows in your region, leave your request on our website. We monitor prices in all US states and can give clear-cut estimates from as many as five independent contractors and local companies. With us, you will not only learn the cost of replacing double-hung windows in your house but hire a dependable professional to take care of your window project from A to Z. 

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