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Whether you are about to install tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood flooring, you want it to keep its finish and last for many years to come. To bring it about, hiring an experienced floor leveling contractor is a smart move to make. And no, finding a seasoned one is not that puzzling if you have MyHomeQuote by your side. Our database contains floor leveling contractors from every corner of the country. But we’ll continue the search if we don’t detect anyone in your neighborhood. In the form below, you can specify information that a floor leveling contractor near you can use for crafting a personalized quote. Once it’s ready, they’ll return to you with real numbers. For more precise results, point out your home address or ZIP code.


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Find Floor Leveling Contractors Near You

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Top Floor Leveling Contractors Near You

Shine Star Hardwood Flooring
Shine Star Hardwood Flooring
Robert A Civiletti Hardwood Floors, LLC
Robert A Civiletti Hardwood Floors, LLC
Joe Gray's Flooring
Joe Gray's Flooring
McQuaid Flooring, Inc.
McQuaid Flooring, Inc.
C & H Installation Group
C & H Installation Group

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I've recently used this service for searching for flooring installers in Syracuse. The crew I hired through MyHomeQuote did a quality job for a reasonable price. And I'm happy with the result.

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Douglas Thorn, Fort Worth, TX
Smooth hardwood flooring installation

Regards to the boys from Fort Worth who replaced the floors in my kitchen. Well done! Thanks to MyHomeQuote for pairing us.

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Christian K. Cagle, Clarita, OK
MyHomeQuote customer service is very helpful

I did not expect that finding flooring contractors could be that simple. I can recommend this service to everyone for any home remodeling.

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Daniel Sanford, Lynnwood, WA
Helpful service for homeowners

This new helpful service saves time on scrutinizing profiles of local flooring installers. Will use it again for other remodeling tasks.

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Jeffrey Quin, Minneapolis, MN
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Thanks to this online service, I've reached out to an accredited flooring pros crew in Minneapolis to fit vinyl flooring in my house.

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The easy-to-use contractor-matching service I always refer to compare home improvement quotes. No annoying ads. Quick results. Free and non-binding quotes.

Outright Advantages of Booking Professional Floor Leveling Near You With MyHomeQuote

A brand-new flooring can change the dynamics of any space in your home. Even though you may be keen to install it right away, there’s vital preparation work that has to be done first. That’s what you need experienced interior floor leveling contractors for. They can help you repair or replace the existing subfloor and level it so that your flooring will look its best and serve you as long as the property itself.  

If the guess-and-check hiring strategy is not your story, employ the MyHomeQuote platform to locate the professional floor leveling companies in your vicinity. All contractors that we now have or will add soon to our database are carefully verified to ensure that they:

  • Hold a license from the state board of contractors
  • Have valid liability and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Stand out with a spotless online business reputation
  • Comply with homeowners’ requirements

MyHomeQuote – Snatch the Best Deal from Floor Leveling Services Near You

Hiring the first contractor you’ve come across is not the best solution, as you may end up paying over the odds. You should take time to compare tailor-made quotes to make an informed decision. That’s what MyHomeQuote strives to provide you with – time and choice.

We don’t connect you with a floor leveling company in your neighborhood, but we select about five of the best contractors near you. Thus, you can compare their quotes in the comfort of your home and decide whose offer speaks to you more. 

If you are looking for bathroom or basement floor leveling contractors, you can specify this detail when filling in the form. So, we’ll pay special attention to companies with more experience creating subfloors in specific spaces. 


At What Stage of the Floor Replacement Project Do I Need to Hire a Flooring Leveling Contractor?

For the ideal result, the floor leveling must be done before installing the new flooring. Therefore, you should search for a floor leveling company near you before removing the old floor. Please note that an uneven floor can lead to instability and premature wear and tear of the new floor.

How Much Does It Cost to Level the Floor in a Kitchen?

The cost to level a kitchen floor can be higher or lower based on the size of the kitchen, the extent of the floor unevenness, and the materials used. On average, floor leveling costs around $2 to $30 per square foot. Suppose you have a kitchen of 100 square feet. In this case, you may pay $200 to $3,000.

How Much Can I Spend on Basement Floor Leveling Near Me?

In this case, your expenses may vary depending on the degree of leveling needed, the method used, and the size of the basement. If there are no severe foundation issues, you can expect to pay between $3 and $15 per square foot for concrete leveling.

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