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Small Shabby-Chic Hip Roof with Asphalt Shingle Material

This small shabby-chic style roof features asphalt shingle material giving it a rustic and weathered appearance. The hip roof design adds a charming touch to the overall aesthetic of the structure. The worn and distressed look of the shingles adds character and warmth to the building. Despite its small size this roof exudes a cozy and inviting vibe perfect for a quaint cottage or farmhouse.

Craftsman Gray Roofed Gray House

This small craftsman-style house has a gray shingle roof. The roof is made of durable shingles that will last for many years. The small size of the house gives it a cozy homey feel. The craftsman style of the house is highlighted by the roof which adds a classic touch to the exterior. The gray color of the roof ties the whole look together.

Green Mansard Roof A Stunning Addition to Your Home

This small Scandinavian-style roof features a classic Mansard design with a sleek aluminum material in a vibrant green color. The sharp angles and clean lines of the roof give it a modern and minimalist look. The green color adds a pop of color to the exterior of the building creating a fresh and inviting aesthetic. The combination of the Mansard roof type and aluminum material ensures durability and longevity for this stylish and functional roof.

Mansard Roof with Stone Coated Steel Material Adds Charm to Home

This traditional style roof features a stunning purple color that adds a unique touch to the overall aesthetic of the home. The Mansard roof type adds a classic and elegant look to the structure while the stone coated steel material ensures durability and longevity. The combination of traditional style Mansard roof type and stone coated steel material creates a timeless and sophisticated appearance that will enhance the curb appeal of any home.

Contemporary Black Bathroom with Large Freestanding Bathtub and Open Shower

This large contemporary bathroom features a sleek black color scheme throughout with black wall tiles and a freestanding bathtub. The open shower enclosure is double-sized perfect for a luxurious shower experience. The counter adds a pop of color with a vibrant green hue adding a touch of modernity to the space. The overall design is clean and sophisticated making this bathroom a stylish retreat for relaxation and pampering.