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Contemporary Huge Bathroom with Medium Wood Vanity and Open Shower

This huge contemporary bathroom features a clean and crisp color palette of white and gray. The medium wood vanity adds warmth to the space while the curbless shower with open enclosure gives a modern and spacious feel. The freestanding bathtub adds a touch of luxury and the white wall tiles and countertops tie the whole look together seamlessly. Overall this bathroom exudes a sleek and sophisticated style.

Southwestern Beige Hip Roof Adds Charm to Desert Home

This medium-sized hip roof is made of composite material in a beige color. The clean lines and neutral tone of the roof add a classic and timeless look to the overall structure. The hip design of the roof provides a more stable and durable option for withstanding various weather conditions. The beige color blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Brown Hip Roof Home

This beautiful house is made of shingle giving it a classic and timeless look. The shingle is painted in a light grey color which contrasts nicely with the white trim and shutters. The roof is made of dark grey shingles which adds a modern touch to the house. The large windows let in plenty of natural light making the interior of the house bright and inviting. The landscaping around the house is lush and green adding to the overall charm of the home.

Traditional Red Bathroom with Sliding Door Shower and Alcove Bathtub

This large bathroom features a traditional style with red accents throughout. The walls vanity counter and shower all boast a bold red color scheme. The corner shower is enclosed with a sliding door while the bathtub is a three-wall alcove design. The overall design of the bathroom is cohesive and luxurious perfect for a relaxing retreat.

Modern Clay Roof in Vibrant Red Adds Pop of Color

This modern mansard roof features a medium size and is constructed with clay tiles giving it a classic and timeless look. The vibrant red color of the tiles adds a pop of color to the overall design of the house. The combination of the mansard style and clay material creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance. This roof is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary elements making it a standout feature of the home.