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Large White Vanity Bathroom with Purple Walls and Freestanding Bathtub

This large eclectic bathroom features a vibrant color scheme with purple walls and green wall tiles. The freestanding bathtub adds a touch of luxury to the space while the white vanity and counter provide a clean and modern contrast. The wet room shower is a unique and stylish feature perfect for a spa-like experience. Overall this bathroom combines bold colors and eclectic elements to create a visually stunning and functional space.

Medium Mediterranean Hip Roof with Spanish Tile in Vibrant Orange Color

The roof in the picture features a Mediterranean style with its vibrant orange color and Spanish tile material. The hip roof design adds to the overall aesthetic giving the structure a classic and timeless look. The Spanish tile material not only enhances the Mediterranean style but also provides durability and longevity to the roof. Overall the combination of the Mediterranean style orange color and Spanish tile material creates a striking and visually appealing roof design.

Tile Roofed Traditional Home

This traditional style house is small in size and has a hip roof. The roof is made of tile and is a brown color which matches the brown color of the house. The house is a single family home not an apartment and is made of brick. The traditional style of the house is complemented by the hip roof and the brown color of the house and roof.

Gray Farmhouse with Dark Grey Shingle Roof

This medium-sized farmhouse has a classic look with its clapboard siding painted in a light gray color. The roof is made of shingles and is a gable style with a dark grey color. The house has a traditional look with its symmetrical shape and large windows. It is a great example of a classic farmhouse style home.

Modern Huge Bathroom with Orange Vanity Curbless Shower and Pink Accents

This modern bathroom features a vibrant color scheme with shades of pink throughout. The huge space is accented with an orange vanity and pink wall tiles creating a bold and stylish look. The curbless shower has an open enclosure adding to the spacious feel of the room. The pink counter complements the overall design making this bathroom a chic and contemporary retreat.