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Beautifully Weathered Asphalt Shingle Roof Adds Charm to Home

This large Victorian-style roof features a hip design and is covered in gray asphalt shingles. The intricate details and ornate trimmings add to the overall elegance of the structure. The gray color complements the overall aesthetic of the Victorian architecture. The size of the roof is impressive covering a vast area of the building and adding to its grandeur.

Medium Mediterranean Hip Roof with Spanish Tile in Vibrant Orange Color

The roof in the picture features a Mediterranean style with its vibrant orange color and Spanish tile material. The hip roof design adds to the overall aesthetic giving the structure a classic and timeless look. The Spanish tile material not only enhances the Mediterranean style but also provides durability and longevity to the roof. Overall the combination of the Mediterranean style orange color and Spanish tile material creates a striking and visually appealing roof design.

Traditional Mansard Roof in Brown Stone Coated Steel Material

This medium-sized traditional style roof features a Mansard design characterized by its steep slopes and dormer windows. The roof material is made of durable stone coated steel providing both aesthetic appeal and longevity. The intricate detailing on the roof adds a touch of elegance to the overall look of the structure. The combination of the Mansard roof type and stone coated steel material creates a timeless and classic appearance that complements the architectural style of the building.

Medium-Sized Blue Synthetic Slate Roof Shingles on Residential Building

This medium-sized blue Mansard roof adds a pop of color to the building's exterior. The unique design of the Mansard roof features a steep slope on all four sides creating a distinctive look. The medium size of the roof complements the overall scale of the building adding character and charm. The blue color adds a modern touch to the traditional Mansard style making it a standout feature of the architecture.

Traditional Mansard Roof with Ornate Details and Classic Charm

The traditional style green mansard roof is made of clay tiles giving it a classic and timeless look. The deep green color of the roof adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the building. The mansard roof features a steep slope on all four sides creating a unique and eye-catching design. The durability and beauty of the clay tiles make this roof a long-lasting and attractive choice for any home or building.