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Medium Eclectic Roof with Architectural Shingle Material

This medium-sized roof features an eclectic style with a hip design and architectural shingle material. The black color adds a modern touch to the overall look of the roof. The combination of the hip roof type and architectural shingle material creates a unique and visually appealing aesthetic. Perfect for a home with eclectic design elements this roof stands out with its modern yet classic appeal.

Eclectic Hip Roof with Architectural Shingle Material Adds Unique Charm

This medium-sized hip roof features architectural shingles that give it a sleek and modern appearance. The symmetrical design of the hip roof adds a sense of balance and harmony to the overall structure. The architectural shingles provide durability and protection against the elements making this roof both stylish and functional. The hip roof design also allows for efficient water drainage ensuring the longevity of the roof.

Medium Brown House with Brown Roof

This traditional style house has a medium size and is painted in a warm brown color. The roof is also brown giving the house a classic look. The windows are framed with white shutters adding a nice contrast to the overall look of the house. The front door is painted in a deep red color making it stand out from the rest of the house.

Traditional Gable Roof with Architectural Shingle in Gray Color Palette

The medium-sized traditional style roof features a classic gable design with architectural shingles in a sleek gray color. The gable roof adds a timeless and elegant touch to the overall appearance of the building. The architectural shingles provide durability and protection against the elements while maintaining a traditional aesthetic. This roof is a perfect choice for those looking for a classic and stylish roofing option.

Modern Brown Mansard Roof with Stone Coated Steel Material

This modern medium-sized Mansard roof is constructed with stone coated steel material giving it a sleek and durable appearance. The unique design of the Mansard roof adds a contemporary touch to the overall look of the building. The stone coated steel material provides excellent protection against harsh weather conditions and ensures longevity. The combination of modern style and medium size makes this roof a standout feature of the structure.