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Gray-Roofed Farmhouse

This medium-sized house has a hip roof and is made of shingles. The siding is made of shingles and is painted a beautiful blue color. The style of the house is a classic farmhouse with a wrap-around porch and white trim. The house is perfect for a family looking for a cozy home with plenty of outdoor space.

Medium-sized Clay Roof Tiles Add Charm to Historic Building

The medium-sized Southwestern style roof in the picture features a rich brown color that complements the surrounding landscape. Made of clay tiles the Mansard roof design adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the building. The Southwestern style elements are evident in the intricate details and patterns of the roof giving it a unique and charming look. The medium size of the roof allows for a balanced and proportionate appearance making it a standout feature of the architecture.

Medium Mansard Roof with Modern Design and Clean Lines

This modern medium-sized roof features a sleek black Mansard design made from synthetic slate material. The sharp angles and clean lines give the roof a contemporary look that complements the overall style of the building. The synthetic slate material adds durability and longevity to the roof while the black color adds a touch of sophistication. Overall this modern Mansard roof is a stylish and practical choice for any home or building.

Large Modern Bathroom with Curbless Shower and Japanese Bathtub

This large modern bathroom features a curbless shower with a sliding door enclosure perfect for a sleek and seamless look. The walls are painted a calming gray creating a serene atmosphere. The vanity is a striking black color adding a touch of sophistication to the space. A Japanese bathtub adds a touch of luxury while the brown counter complements the overall modern aesthetic of the room.

Medium Eclectic Roof with Architectural Shingle Material

This medium-sized roof features an eclectic style with a hip design and architectural shingle material. The black color adds a modern touch to the overall look of the roof. The combination of the hip roof type and architectural shingle material creates a unique and visually appealing aesthetic. Perfect for a home with eclectic design elements this roof stands out with its modern yet classic appeal.