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Medium Dutch Clay Roof in Vibrant Orange Hues

This medium-sized roof features an eclectic style with its vibrant orange color and clay material. The Dutch roof type adds a unique touch to the overall design making it stand out in any neighborhood. The bold orange hue adds a pop of color to the exterior of the building creating a visually striking appearance. This roof is sure to make a statement and add character to any home or structure.

Beige Stone Siding Home

This beautiful house is a French Country style home with a hip roof. It has a large front porch with white columns and a balcony above. The exterior is painted a light yellow with white trim and shutters. The windows are tall and arched adding to the French Country style. The landscaping is lush and green with a variety of trees and shrubs.

A Large House with a Grand View

This large house is a beautiful beige color. It has a large porch with a few steps leading up to the entrance. The house has two stories and a large balcony on the second floor. It also has a few windows on the side of the house giving it a classic look. The house is surrounded by a few other apartments making it a great place to live.

A Timeless Traditional Home

This traditional style house has a medium size and is made of stone siding. The roof is a gable type and is a brown color. It is a single family house with a large front porch and a driveway. The house has a classic look and is sure to be a great place to call home.

Southwestern Brown Roof Tiles Add Charm to Desert Home

The medium-sized Southwestern style roof features a classic hip design with a warm brown color that complements the surrounding landscape. Made of traditional clay material this roof adds a touch of authenticity to the overall aesthetic of the building. The Southwestern style elements are evident in the clean lines and simplicity of the design creating a timeless look that blends seamlessly with the architecture. The medium size of the roof provides ample coverage while still maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance.