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Small Gray Farmhouse House Apartments

This beautiful farmhouse style house is made of a mix of materials. The siding is clapboard giving it a classic look. The roof is a gable style which is a traditional style for this type of house. The house is a single family home with plenty of room for a family to live comfortably. It is a great example of a classic farmhouse style home.

Medium Traditional Mansard Roof with Stone Coated Steel Material

This medium-sized traditional style roof features a Mansard design with a brown stone coated steel material. The rich brown color adds a classic touch to the overall appearance of the structure. The Mansard roof type provides extra living space in the attic area making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The durable stone coated steel material ensures longevity and protection against the elements. Overall this roof combines timeless style with modern durability.

Blue Clapboard House with Gable Roof

This small farmhouse is painted a beautiful blue color with a matching blue shingle roof. The house is made of shingles giving it a classic rustic look. The small size of the house gives it a cozy feel and the blue color adds a touch of charm. The blue roof completes the look making it a perfect example of a classic farmhouse.

Metallic Home of Lasting Strength

This large farmhouse style home has a white exterior with a dark grey metal gable roof. The metal roof gives the house a modern look while still maintaining the classic farmhouse style. The white walls and dark grey roof create a striking contrast that stands out against the surrounding landscape. The large size of the house gives it a grand presence and makes it a great choice for a family home.

Farmhouse-Style Apartments House

This medium-sized house has a classic farmhouse style. It is made of gray shingles and has a gray roof. The house is surrounded by a few other apartments but it stands out with its unique style. The gray color of the house and roof gives it a timeless look that will never go out of style.