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Gray Stone-Sided Home

This large French Country style house is made of gray shingles and has a hip roof. The house is surrounded by lush green grass and trees giving it a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. The large windows and balconies give the house a grand and elegant look. The house is situated in a quiet neighborhood making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Modern Medium-Sized Stone Coated Steel Roof with Contemporary Design

This medium-sized modern roof features a Mansard style design with a brown stone coated steel material. The rich brown color adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the building. The Mansard roof type provides extra living space in the attic area making it both functional and stylish. This roof seamlessly blends traditional charm with contemporary design elements creating a visually appealing structure.

Medium-sized Scandinavian-style black roof adds modern elegance to home.

This medium-sized Scandinavian style roof features a classic Mansard design with a steep slope on all four sides. The roof is painted in a sleek black color adding a modern touch to the traditional style. The Mansard roof provides extra living space in the attic making it both functional and stylish. Its clean lines and dark color create a striking contrast against the surrounding landscape.

Gray Craftsman Roof on Medium-Sized House

This beautiful house is painted in a bright blue color making it stand out from the other buildings in the area. It is a two-story house with a gray roof giving it a classic look. The house has a large front porch perfect for relaxing on a warm summer day. The house also has a large backyard perfect for entertaining guests or for children to play. This house is the perfect place to call home.

Brown French Country Mansion with Dark Grey Roof

This beautiful French Country style house is constructed with a brick siding and a hip roof. The roof is covered with brown shingles which perfectly complements the warm brown color of the brick. The combination of the brick and shingles gives the house a classic and timeless look. The hip roof adds a unique touch to the house making it stand out from the rest.