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How much does a Spanish tile roof cost in 2023?

$13.000 – $21.000the average total cost to install

$15 – $25the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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How much does a Spanish tile roof cost in 2023?

Spanish tile roofing has gained momentum in the US market for two main reasons. First, it can significantly reduce energy consumption due to its excellent insulating properties. Second, it possesses unmatched aesthetics, enhancing the home's curb appeal and resale value. But, of course, these benefits come at a price. 

So how much does a Spanish tile roof cost? You should expect to spend $8 - $25 per square foot, including material and labor. Given that a standard roof in the US is 1,500 square feet, the average cost of a Spanish tile roofing project could be $9.000 - $37.500. The price gap is mainly explained by the roof structure and slope, the number of penetrations and add-ons, as well as different tile styles and additional expenditures that might appear during installation. 

Spanish tile roof estimate based on the national average cost

Low-end cost

$9.000 - $12.000

Average price range

$13.000 - $21.000

High-end cost

$22.500 - $37.500

Spanish tile roof cost per square foot

Spanish tile roof cost per square foot

Although 1,500-square-foot roofs are typical in the US, your roof size can still vary considerably. Therefore, you can use average prices per square foot for more accurate project budgeting.

The average Spanish tile roof cost per square foot

Low-end cost

$6 - $8 per sq. ft.

High-end cost

$15 - $25 per sq. ft.

Average price range

$10 - $12 per sq. ft.

Spanish tile roof cost per chosen style

Spanish tile roof cost by style

Most homeowners associate Spanish tiles with the Terracotta style only. Indeed, this option is prevalent, but it is not the only one. With a variety of styles, you can choose the one that suits your home design and budget.

Spanish tile roof style

Average cost installed (per sq. ft.)


$10 - $25

Traditional Terracotta

$8 - $12


$8 - $15


$6 - $10


As the name suggests, patterns are the main feature of this style. Whether simple or intricate, they come in various colors and give your roof a textured and decorative look. Given the complexity of the design, the patterned style is the most expensive. In particular, its cost per square foot is $10 - $25.

Traditional Terracotta

This is a classic and probably the most common style of Spanish tiles. Terracotta is made from fired clay and has a wide gradient of earthy tones, from dark red to soft beige. By choosing this solution for your project, expect to pay between $8 and $12 per square foot.

Brown dark

Tile roofs in this style have a muted and understated look as they are predominantly dark brown. Therefore, it is a good solution for modern design. Brown-dark tile prices range from $8 to $15 per square foot. But note that dark colors absorb more heat, so your home temperature can rise. It can be an issue if you live in a hot climate. In this case, you will probably have to use the air conditioner more often, increasing energy consumption.


Composite tiles are a modern alternative for roof projects on a budget. They are made from synthetic materials such as rubber and plastic. Although this doesn't spoil their appearance, their service life is much shorter. Still, synthetic Spanish roof tiles cost $6 - $10 per square foot, contrasting with the above options. This way, you can choose between the initial savings and the durability of your tiles.

The labor cost of a Spanish tile roof installation

Spending on labor takes up to 60% of the total project cost, as this type of tile is heavyweight and complicated to handle, making it suitable only for professional installation. Here is why mounting Spanish tiles is not DIY-friendly: 

  • Complex tile patterns require specific installation approaches. Only a skilled roofer can properly lay the tiles and get the desired visual effect. 
  • Laying Spanish-style roof tiles requires extra care as they can easily crack if mishandled.
  • Curved or interlock tile shapes require more time-consuming and laborious installation. 

Although roofers' rates are negotiated individually, you should expect to pay an average of $5 to $15 per square foot. MyHomeQuote is here to simplify the process of searching through local roofing professionals. With us, you spend as little as 5 minutes to find a roofer who meets the set criteria, including but not limited to an hourly rate, location, and skills.

Things to factor in a Spanish tile roof estimate

The cost of a Spanish tile roof

While the chosen roof style and the contractor hired matter, there are a few other critical factors to consider when budgeting a project.

Factors driving up the cost of a Spanish tile roof

Pricing factor

Average price


$150 - $500


$100 - $400

Roof reinforcement

$2.000 - $5.000

Old roof removal

$1- $3 per sq. ft.

Roof structure repair

$150 - $1.000+

Roof decking replacement

$2 - $5 per sq. ft.

Underlayment installation

$0.75 - $4.00 per sq. ft.

  • Permits. Most states require homeowners to obtain roofing installation permits from the local building department to ensure the job meets construction codes and safety requirements. Getting permits can cost you anywhere from $150 to $500.
  • Inspection. Roofers conduct thorough inspections to determine the extent of the work and the features of the roof. In tile roofing projects, it also helps to understand if the roof can bear the weight of tiles and if any additional reinforcement is needed. The cost of an inspection averages $100 - $400, depending on the location and roof size.
  • Roof reinforcement. If your roof needs extra support to bear the weight of tiles, you should expect to shell out from $2.000 to $5.000 on laborious services like installing additional beams or trusses. However, if it is only a matter of replacing a few weak sections, the price will be lower. 
  • Old roof removal. Dismantling and disposing of the old roofing material takes extra time and effort, resulting in the higher cost of a Spanish tile roof installation. You should expect to spend around $1 - $3 per square foot to remove the existing roof before installing new tiles.
  • Roof structure repair. Roof structure repair. The scope of repair jobs is discussed before the start of the project and may include fixing or replacing damaged underlayment, flashing, and fascia, among others. The average price range of tile roofing repair jobs varies from $900 to $2.300, with the low-end cost being as little as $150 for minor patches. Note that Spanish tiles are heavy, so installing them on a weak or damaged structure may result in sagging or even roof collapse.
  • Roof decking replacement. The Spanish-style roof requires a certain kind of decking. It ensures the correct fit, retention of the tile, and its long service life. If your current decking is incompatible with the desired tile, it will cost you about $2 - $5 per square foot to replace it, including material and labor.
  • Underlayment installation. Spanish tile roofs can crack under the influence of external factors. If this happens, the underlayment helps prevent water infiltration and further deck damage. Installing underlayment may cost you $0.75 - $4.00 per square foot, depending on the material.

Pros and cons of a Spanish-style roof

Although this tile roofing option is an absolute favorite in some US regions, it still has many pitfalls that might be critical to certain householders. Therefore, knowing the strong and weak points of Spanish-style roofing is vital to making an informed and successful choice.


  • Caring for the environment. Spanish tile roofs are still predominantly made from materials that can be naturally restored on Earth. Besides, they can be easily recycled during a house demolition.
  • One purchase for many years. The potential service life of this tile reaches approximately 100 years. With this in mind, some manufacturers offer an extended warranty for up to 70 years. 
  • No maintenance hassle. Due to its strength and resistance to most weather conditions, a Spanish roof does not require frequent repairs. Moreover, it does not need additional sealing, saving you money.
  • Not flammable. This tile roofing has a Class A fire-resistance rating. Thus, it is recommended for installation in regions prone to wildfires.
  • Temperature control. Thanks to its insulating properties, a Spanish tile roof keeps your home cool in the summer and warm during the colder months. As a result, you turn on the air conditioner and heater less often, reducing spending on electricity.
  • Aesthetics. Spanish tiles look great and enhance the home's curb appeal. So if you decide to sell your property one day, this attractive exterior element may become one of the price-boosting factors.


  • Not budget-friendly. Given that a Spanish tile roof can cost as much as $25 per square foot, this option is not suitable for a tight budget. In addition to the high cost of top-notch materials, installation price is also increased due to the complexity and care of the process.
  • Great weight. The weight of one square of this tile can reach 1,250 pounds. That's why an inspection of the roof and underlayment should precede installation. In addition, roof reinforcement may be required to support the extra weight of the tiles. 
  • Tendency to crack. Although Spanish roof tiles are resistant to most weather conditions, installing them in cold and damp climates still comes with certain risks. They may crack from long exposure to below-zero temperatures and multiple freezing and thawing cycles.


What is the average service life of Spanish tile roofing?

This tile roofing can serve you for as long as 100 years. Sometimes, this period can be extended even up to 150 years with proper care. While this lifetime appeals to many homeowners, it depends on installation quality, local climate pattern, and maintenance level.

How to maintain a Spanish tile roof?

Many manufacturers recommend applying a protective coating to Spanish-style roof tiles. It helps to avoid damage and cracks caused by harsh weather. Besides, regular inspections help to identify issues and treat them at an early stage. Lastly, avoid walking on the tiles as they can be damaged or broken under your weight.

What are the alternatives to Spanish tile roofing?

If the classic Terracotta style appeals to you, you can choose treated steel tiles as they imitate hand-cut clay. Besides, if you are considering a red roof for your project, pay attention to the concrete tiles, which can be made up of multiple profiles reminiscent of the Spanish tile roof.

Does location affect tile roof cost?

The price of your roof project can vary greatly from state to state. For example, the Spanish tile roof cost per square foot installed ranges from $8 to $15 in Texas, but it reaches the $12- $25 range in California. That's why contacting a qualified local roofer is essential for an accurate estimate.