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Round circle windows - An architectural zest that will add a touch of sophistication to your house

Windows come in multiple styles and forms, but still, most homeowners prefer a good old rectangle classic, putting aside units of peculiar shapes. Nevertheless, stepping outside the limits and incorporating something not default into the interior is always a surefire way to jazz up a space and make it stand out. Unique-shaped windows like chord, half-rounded, oval, and circle ones can not only let an ample amount of natural light into the room but become the focal points of your house. Rounded windows of all types suit both classic and contemporary designs, adding a touch of sophistication to the interior.

Round circle windows - An architectural zest that will add a touch of sophistication to your house

This mini guide is for you if you need more valuable information about these windows. Here we highlight the primary types of rounded circle windows, their distinctive features, and their costs. We aim to make your buying experience as smooth as possible by providing comprehensive information about each round window style. 

The basics to know about rounded windows

The definition of rounded window units is quite simple. They have rounded frames made of different materials from wood to aluminum and feature circular panes of glass that can come with energy-saving properties. Only a few circular window options can be opened for ventilation. As a rule, they are fixed and should be installed in combination with operable windows that allow airflow. Due to their unusual form, these windows fall into the category of specific window types. Nevertheless, they're not custom-made, and you can buy them in almost any home improvement store. 

What are the key rounded window types?

You'll be wondered by the number of circle windows available on the market. They come with decorative frames, grilles, and frosted or stained glass to bring dozens of design ideas to life. There are more than 15 styles, and not all of these units are shaped in a perfect circle. That is why it makes sense to learn about the distinctive features of every style. 

Here are the primary round window types you may want to explore before making the final decision about the best unit to install in your home:

  • Circle windows

Also known as round portholes or full circles, these windows have a distinctive signature style easily recognizable by symmetric design and curved shape. These round units commonly become a great addition to stairways, bathrooms, and closets. 

Circle windows are traditionally fixed, but you can order a custom option if you want to install it for high moisture areas like a bathroom. Either stationary or moveable, round units transmit enough sunlight to make tight and dim areas brighter. 

Circle window prices range from $250 to $690, depending on style and size. Any custom additions will cost you extra. 

  • Half-circle windows 

Also known as half-round and full chords, these windows have a semicircle form and are distinguished by a line that goes through a circle at any two points. Half-circle windows are commonly installed over the entry doors or picture windows to give them an intricately arched look. These windows are meant to add style and extra light to the room. They serve as an accent design element but lack functionality and should be installed in tandem with operable units. 

The cost of modern round windows varies from $410 to $670, including labor. The custom installation will cost you higher than simple replacement inserts. Thus, custom-fit half-round windows might be as pricey as $930 per unit, depending on their size and frame material. 

  • Arch windows

Arch or full springing windows look like ordinary rectangle units with a rounded head. You can find them installed in spacious living and dining rooms of classic style. They look lovely in a side-by-side series of three or more units, transmitting a lot of natural light into the room. Arch windows are operable, so you can always open them for ventilation. 

If you want to introduce these traditional windows of timeless style into your interior, you should expect to invest from $410 to $1.150 per unit, including installation services. 

  • Partial chord windows

The primary difference between partial and full chord units is that the first ones are divided down the center, creating two separate windows. These half-rounded units are installed above ordinary square windows in living and dining rooms. They serve the function of transom windows, adding a charm to the interior and letting more natural light in. While placed high on the wall, partial chord windows offer limited functioning, excluding the ventilation option. 

These windows are often custom-made and cost from $190 to $560 per unit, including material and labor. 

  • Hexagon windows

Windows of this type are also called six-sided and hexagon-shaped. They feature six straight edges and angles that make them resemble a honeycomb. Hexagon units suit dim and limited-spaced areas like entryways, attics, guest restrooms, and basements. As their functions are limited, hexagons are mainly installed for decorative purposes. They're guaranteed to add extra light and style to your home, turning it into a unique space.

Installation of round circle windows of this type will cost you from $400 to $900 per unit.

  • Octagon windows

The only difference between these windows and their hexagon counterparts is the number of sides - octagon ones have eight of them. Usually having a fixed construction, these units serve a decorative purpose, adding a classic charm to any room. They are also good to install in bathrooms, basements, halls, and kitchens, transmitting enough daylight inside. If you want to add a classic charm to your house exterior, consider installing octagon windows with grilles. 

Today's prices on octagon windows vary from $148 to $605 and higher, including material and labor.

  • Quarter-round windows 

Windows of this type have the shape of a half circle cut in half. They often become an addition to ordinary windows of rectangular shape, making their design more classic and exquisite. When you see a unifying arch above picture or casement windows, the chances are these are quarter-round ones. They are a perfect alternative to arched units, becoming a focal point of spacious rooms. 

The cost of installing quarter-round windows can go from $250 to $750, including the unit and labor services. If you want to mount them above the existing rectangular units, consult one of the local window contractors.  

  • Elliptical windows

You can often see these windows over exterior and patio doors. They serve as arches, adding a zest to the interior and transmitting more natural light into the house. People often confuse elliptical and half-circle windows as they have similar forms and designs, yet the first ones are more flattened and wider. Just like quarter-round windows, elliptical ones are fixed and can become a great design solution for ordinary home windows with big screens. 

You should expect to spend from $325 to $570 to install these windows in your house. This sum includes both material and installation services. 

  • Oval windows

Round windows with oval, elongated frames add a touch of classic and sophistication to the traditional interior. These windows are installed in historic houses and cottages with tall ceilings. They look effective both as independent units and ornate detailing to a staircase, entryway, or kitchen.

Depending on their dimensions and configuration, oval windows can cost you from $320 to $995. All custom additions like mosaic glass, threaded grills, and others will definitely increase overall spending.

What are the effective ways to use round windows in your interior?

Thanks to their design interest and low space requirements, round glass windows can become a great addition to virtually any room in the house. You will be impressed by the number of interior and exterior combinations you can bring to life with round windows. Whether operable or fixed, they transform your home into a brighter and more welcoming space. 

As a rule, partial chord, half-circle, and quarter-round windows are used in addition to standard rectangular windows of different configurations. In contrast, big circular windows like elliptical, oval, and round ones are used as standalone units in small to medium-sized living spaces. Here are some ideas to incorporate round windows in the interior of your home: 

  • Bathroom

Jazz up your bathroom by placing big octagon or circle windows with frosted or other privacy glass above the tub. You can also pick the window option with clear glass if your house is far away from prying eyes. Whatever your choice is, you can rest assured that your new circle window will become a focal point of the bathroom. 

  • Bedroom

Believe it or not, any bedroom with a huge round window in the center of the wall has a dramatic view. Be it a classic option with grilles or a contemporary one with solid round glass, circular windows enhance the comfort of the room, maximizing the view of the scenery around.

  • Kitchen

The installation of round-circle windows above the sink is a great idea from the point of functionality and visual appeal. They not only transmit extra light into the kitchen but also allow you to enjoy great views of the outer area while doing household chores.

  • Staircases

Spaces like hallways and staircases usually lack natural light and require more artificial lighting to remain safe. Introducing round windows into dim areas of your house can become a creative and budget-saving idea. The hallways and staircases would be flooded with natural light all day long, helping you to cut electricity costs. 

  • Attic

If you're looking for delightful attic windows to transfer ample light and air, consider installing operable modern round windows. They add a classic touch to the exterior of your home, enhancing its curb appeal and raising sale value. 

  • Reading nook

Porthole windows can be installed in unexpected home areas to enrich the space and add a touch of sophistication to the interior. A custom round window equipped with a seating place and shelving can turn into a cozy reading nook where you will enjoy spending your spare time with a book and a glass of wine.

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What are the pros and cons to consider before round windows installation?

Advantages of circle windows

There is no denying that round windows are best from a design point of view. They add a unique touch to the house's interior while punctuating a building's unique architecture. They can enrich a space in multiple ways, and below, we'll take a closer look at their strong points: 

  • Versatility

Round units can be installed in various ways - either on their own, in combination with other circle units (sometimes just mounted in a row to create a fancy design), or as an addition to rectangular windows. They come in different styles, designs, colors, and finishes, giving freedom to experiment and opening up multiple opportunities. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

The national average cost of circle windows varies from $200 to $1.300 per unit, which is higher than the price of conventional windows like double-hung or awning ones. Nevertheless, these windows enhance the house's visual appeal, adding to its sale value. That means you will get a decent return on your investment. 

  • Visual appeal

Round windows are one of the most appealing on the market. Their unique form and style make them a great addition to classic and modern interiors, making rooms look more spacious and increasing the house's curb appeal.

  • Low maintenance

As most round windows are fixed, they do not become prone to wear and tear, remaining in their initial form for many years. If properly installed and sealed, they can last up to 50 years with little to no maintenance. 

Downsides of circle windows

Despite all the advantages of round windows, we have nothing but add a spoon of tar to a barrel of honey. Knowing the downsides of these units, you will be able to make a well-informed decision if they are worth the investment. Look below to find out the critical drawbacks of round circle windows you should know about: 

  • High price

The first and foremost disadvantage stopping people from getting round-form windows is that they come to a high price segment. They cost much higher than classic rectangular windows. Plus, only a few certified round window installers can ensure professional mounting.

  • Limited options

These windows are not as popular as rectangular ones. That is why the choice of window treatments, finishes, and opening mechanisms is quite limited. In most cases, people have to custom order round windows for their homes and pay extra for that. 

  • No ventilation

Circle windows are mainly used for decorative, not functional purposes. They're usually fixed and do not let a cool breeze inside the room. That means they should be installed in combination with operable units to ensure proper ventilation and airflow. 

  • Complicated installation

Round window installation is tricker and, therefore, more costly than standard window types. Only certified and specially trained window contractors can ensure a proper mounting of this window type. Besides, the whole process takes a lot of effort and time, which raises the overall price. 

The circle window costs overview

As we said before, round windows of any style and configuration require a higher installation investment than standard ones. The national average cost for round windows is $570. The lowest-end price is $250, and you should expect to pay it for small and standard-sized units with single glazing. The highest-end price is $1.470, and it's usually asked for custom round windows of extra size. Installation costs can average around $40 per hour, depending on the region and the location of windows in the house. 

Any time you want to estimate your round windows project, look no further than MyHomeQuote. Thanks to our extended network of partner companies and individual contractors who operate in almost every state around the country, we can provide you with a clear-cut estimate from as many as five different installers. 

All it takes to find out the real cost for replacement round circle windows in your region is to complete a short questionnaire on our website. It's totally free, so you don't lose anything giving this contractor-matching service a try. 

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