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Mobile home window replacement - A smart upgrade and investment

Manufactured homes have always found favor with Americans. They became a part of the cultural heritage and continue attracting people nationwide as affordable accommodation. The recent numbers say that around 7% of the US housing sector goes to mobile homes. Living in a trailer park is no longer associated with poverty or poor housing facilities. Today's mobile homes have nothing in common with conventional trailers, offering comfortable living conditions and modern conveniences. They are spacious enough to fit in 2-3 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. On top of that, manufactured homes feature excellent energy efficiency, not least due to quality-built replacement windows.

Mobile home window replacement - A smart upgrade and investment

If you want to get clued in the mobile home window replacement process, this article is worth your time. We'll dwell on the types of replacement windows found in prefab manufactured homes, their costs, and the installation process. 

Table of contents

  1. Mobile home windows - Common types and designs
  2. The energy performance ratings of mobile home windows
  3. The process of standard window replacement in mobile homes
  4. An in-depth review of mobile home window replacement costs
  5. How to find the best deal on mobile home window replacement?

Mobile home windows - Common types and designs

Vinyl replacement windows installed in mobile homes

Window upgrades are beneficial for both traditional and mobile homes as their costs are compensated in the long term by lower energy consumption for cooling and warming the house. Nevertheless, trailer window replacement can also boast multiple instant perks. 

In terms of convenience, as compared to older versions standard for mobile homes, modern replacement windows make a world of difference:

  • easy to open, close, and clean
  • significantly reduce noise
  • provide better security
  • have hardware that is durable and highly functional
  • glazed for better thermal performance
  • have chambers filled with Argon for insulation
  • instantly improve the look on the inside and outside

The types of window structures used initially in manufactured homes are:

  • Vertical/ horizontal slider windows 

Slider mobile home windows come in two types - vertical and horizontal. Vertical units slide to open and close vertically while horizontal ones slide side to side. These windows are commonly used for bathrooms in manufactured homes. 

  • Double- and single-hung windows 

These windows are best for reducing energy costs while helping your mobile home keep warm in winter and cool during hot months. If you seek the best replacement windows for mobile homes, you won't go amiss with double-hung vinyl options. 

  • Awning windows (opening outward)

Awning windows are considered to be improved jalousie windows. They feature large glass panes that can be opened and closed using a crank mechanism. They are pretty easy to replace with the right equipment on hand. 

  • Jalousie windows (made of rectangular flat glass panels that fully open)

Jalousie windows come with rectangular flat glass panels that can be fully opened and closed with a torsion rod and crank. Windows of this type have weatherstripping and seal problems that make them poor for windy areas. 

The current trend shows that most owners of manufactured homes tend to replace their single-pane windows with insulated double-pane ones. These windows provide ultimate energy savings and comfort year-round. Vinyl replacement windows for mobile homes are the top pick in the US market. They have the protective structure to give your mobile home ultimate safety. On top of that, these windows are durable and create a more reliable seal than their aluminum counterparts.

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Consider replacing your windows to ensure better home insulation and reduce utility cost

Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Window Renovation Pros

The energy performance ratings of mobile home windows

Professional installers and homeowners use the ENERGY STAR® energy performance rating to find the best window for specific climate and household needs. When deciding on mobile home windows, make sure to consider the following ENERGY STAR® ratings:

  • U-factor. This factor shows how easily heat travels through a window. It’s estimated per square foot. The lower the number, the better the insulative properties of the window.
  • SHGC. The solar heat gain coefficient refers to the amount of solar heat allowed in. This factor is helpful when selecting a replacement window for a specific location. The lower SHGC numbers are better for warm climates.
  • AL. The air leakage rating indicates the amount of air per square foot that can flow through the frame. The lower the number, the lesser air can get in.
  • VLT. The visible light transmittance ranges from 0 to 1 (usually 0.5 -0 .7 for energy-efficient windows), indicating the amount of natural light allowed in. Depending on the climate, the right balance will differ.
  • Condensation resistance. This indicator ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more resistance to condensation. Make sure to check this factor before deciding on a mobile home window to replace.
  • R-value. This indicator is inversed to the U-factor and refers to outdoor heat insulation. The R-value coefficient depends on the panes, heat-reflecting glazing, window size, and frame material. 

The process of standard window replacement in mobile homes

Needless to say that installation of replacement windows in trailer homes has little in common with the same procedure in conventional residential units. As a rule, mobile home windows feature standard styles and sizes that make them easy to install, even for medium-skilled DIYers. Troubles arise when a different sized window needs to be retrofit. 

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to replace your mobile home windows:

  • The existing window removal

The project complexity is determined by the window type and siding material on your mobile home. You can easily remove the existing window by unscrewing the multiple screws from the frame. However, if the frame and screws are not easy to reach, you will need to take the siding shingles off.

  • Window opening measurement

Once the old window is removed, you should proceed to the opening measuring. The measurements clarity is crucial for a smooth window replacement. If the opening is not precisely square, you can apply shims to minimize the difference. Another approach for a non-standard opening is the installation of a smaller window. 

  • The window replacement preparation

When replacing a trailer window, it's essential to ensure the opening is clear from old putty and caulk. Once these materials are removed, apply a new layer of sealant. After that, install the new replacement window into the initially-prepared square opening and screw it firmly for airtight installation. Make sure the sashes thickness corresponds to the width of your mobile home. 

  • Frame sealing/ Siding repair

Apply the final touches to give your manufactured home a fresh look. First, seal the outer window frame with silicone sealant for better insulation. Then return siding over the frame edges.

Windows replacement in a manufactured home requires special skills and equipment to remove, measure, prepare and install new windows. You won't accomplish the project without tools like level, tape measure, putty knife, hammer, pry bar, power drill, screwdriver, and others. The time needed for replacing one mobile window may range between 2 to 4 hours if no retrofitting is required. When deciding between hiring a certified window installer and carrying out the project yourself, consider possible time investment and complexities that may appear in the course of replacement. 

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Consider replacing your windows to ensure better home insulation and reduce utility cost

Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Window Renovation Pros

An in-depth review of mobile home window replacement costs

General ratings may be a fair assessment of replacement window effectiveness, but numbers are seldom enough to make someone view brand new windows as an investment, not an expense. At least, until the numbers in utility bills appear as proof. Nevertheless, replacement windows in manufactured homes come at lower costs than similar products for traditional buildings.

Prices for top-shelf vinyl-framed mobile home windows range between $200-$300, but plenty of more affordable options are available. You may find an abundance of reasonably-priced options online that seem like a better deal than buying mobile home windows in a local store. But if you factor in the shipping fees, they can add to the price significantly. 

Mobile home windows come in a standard size to be easily set into the existing framing (unless you live in older prefab homes). If you can't find stock-size windows or your frame is damaged, the project's cost will be higher. The window opening reframing will also contribute to the final price. Please note that reframing to a slightly larger size is always cheaper than ordering the window to the opening measurements. That's why discussing your priorities with a mobile window installation expert is a good starting point.

How to find the best deal on mobile home window replacement?

Mobile home window installers ready to do the work

Hiring a licensed contractor to help you find and install the right windows for your mobile home is a win-win. A skilled pro will assess the existing windows and frames and offer the best replacement options in accordance with prevailing weather conditions and occurring problems. 

MyHomeQuote offers you a smart way to navigate the local installers' offers. Thanks to our ramified contractors ' network, we can quickly link you to a licensed specialist operating nearby. With us, you're guaranteed to get free quotes from different mobile window installers. Leave your request on our platform, get non-obligatory estimates, compare them, and score the best deal. It's as simple as that!

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