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Welcome nature into your home with garden windows

If you're considering enhancing your home, adding stylish windows would make for a great upgrade. Using specialty windows when renovating a home is a remarkable way of adding visual interest and character to your property. A blend of intricated design and functionality offered by kitchen garden windows makes them the best bet for homeowners looking for dramatic upgrades. As far as home improvements or modifications go, these windows are among the cheapest in terms of cost but also super rich in benefits. Besides, it makes sense to choose garden windows for the kitchen as they improve the amount of natural light while providing an appealing display for flowers, herbs, or other decorative items.

Welcome nature into your home with garden windows

This article highlights everything there is to know about these stylish yet practical windows, including their features, costs, benefits, and drawbacks. Keep reading to get in-depth information about garden units and make an informed purchasing decision.

The basics to know about garden windows

Think of these windows as mini-greenhouses. They come with three-dimensional glass layouts with extended shelf-like sills for your flowers or plants. Like bows and bays, garden windows also protrude outward from the wall of the house. Plus, they feature operable side units that are especially useful when it comes to proper room ventilation. 

A standard kitchen garden window uses a 1-inch thick insulated glass that helps to keep a proper temperature inside the home all year round, preventing your furniture and carpets from fading. Many of these specialty windows are built with a fully welded PVC vinyl frame for durability.

Apart from lighting up your kitchen or other rooms with plenty of natural light, they also lend space for indoor gardening all year round. In fact, they are very popular in cooler environments and might even come with one or more built-in shelves for your different plants.

Furthermore, garden windows are commonly installed in kitchens, where we often see them above the sink. That's where it's easier to water the flowers and herbs. But you can install them anywhere in your house, including bathrooms and study rooms.

The pros and cons of garden windows

Specialty windows are pretty awesome for certain homes and people. But they may not be great for everyone. Before arriving at the final decision on garden windows, be sure to consider the following points first.


  • Natural light. They allow in a wealth of natural light that makes them especially useful for houseplants. And apart from showcasing your plants, a garden window also adds liveliness to a dim room, allowing you to appreciate the taste of natural light.
  • Indoor gardening. These windows provide an ideal environment that gives your seedlings an early start during the winter climate. Besides, most homeowners who use them in their kitchens explain that the additional space is a prime spot for a small herb garden. It gives them the advantage of planting and harvesting the herbs themselves, as they need them for cooking.
  • Architectural details. Installing these windows also adds character and visual interest to your property. It adds a custom touch to the kitchen or other rooms while improving your property's exterior eye appeal.
  • Air ventilation. Fresh airflow is one of the most significant advantages garden windows provide. Most of these windows come with operable side units that allow fresh air and sunlight to reach your plants. But these side vents are also quite useful when it comes to ventilating your kitchen and keeping your home fresh with clean air.


  • Hard to install. Garden windows feature several panels that stretch from your property's exterior walls. This makes for more potential points of failure, such as sagging, buckling, cracks, or even leaks. It is therefore recommended to have them installed by reputable and experienced contractors. And they must also have special installation knowledge for these windows to provide the best results.
  • Humidity and moisture. The kind of greenhouse effect that is created by these windows may be perfect for your plants. But excessive or unnecessary moisture can cause the structure to deteriorate in the long run. As a result, it damages the window seals as well as the structural quality of the framing and connections. Such problems, however, can be prevented by choosing fiberglass or vinyl frames for your new garden windows. These materials are known for their ability to withstand heat and humidity.

How much does a garden window cost?

Compared to other standard windows of the same size, garden windows are practically more expensive due to their multi-paneled 3D design. In some instances, they may need some construction work to set up. And this, of course, adds to the final bill.

One standard-sized double-hung window, for example, can cost an average of $400 per window, including installation, from one vendor. But you'll find a standard-sized garden window from the same vendor going for approximately $1.250 to $1.800.

Moreover, a garden window installation cost in 2022 falls between $1.250 and $6.500 on average, including professional installation from a reputable window installer. Accordingly, the final cost for your project can considerably vary for window installation and will depend on these factors:

  • The brand you chose
  • Size of the window
  • Framing material
  • Glass type
  • Customizations
  • Construction work (if needed)

The cost of garden windows replacement

The replacement cost may vary on several factors, including window type, size, frame material, and labor rates in your region. But the average price you should expect to pay ranges from $1.250 to $6.500, including labor fees.

Here are the average costs of replacement garden windows depending on their material: 

  • Vinyl. In most regions, the average cost for vinyl windows ranges from $500 to $2.500, depending on their size. Vinyl is a less expensive and very common type of frame. It is made from PVC, a durable material that provides a long-lasting finish that doesn't rust, peel, chip, or even warp. 
  • Aluminum. Aluminum windows tend to be light yet thick. They cost an average of between $800 and $2.000, depending on their size. Aluminum comes in a wide range of sizes and colors and is best for preventing outside noise. It is cheaper to maintain and customize than vinyl windows. 
  • Wood. Wooden framing provides the best insulation of all frames and helps reduce energy bills. Garden windows made of this material can cost from $1.000 to $6.500, depending on their size. With wooden frames, you have the convenience of painting or staining them to suit your taste or match your home's décor.

For your best knowledge, here's a list of the average cost for a garden window replacement by size.

   Size in inches                                                           Average garden window price range                          
24 by 30 $500 to $1.370
30 by 30 $700 to $1.480
36 by 36 $875 to $1.500
36 by 48 $900 to $1.600
40 by 46 $1.000 to $2.600
48 by 48 $1.050 to $3.200
Oversized windows $2.000 to $6.500

Closing remarks

The two primary purposes of garden windows are to fill the room with natural light and to provide a shelf for displaying your plants. These windows have a box-like image with a smartly curved glass roof to promote your plant's growth and allow water runoff. 

Furthermore, they are smaller than bay windows and often installed in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, or nooks. If you've never thought about installing a kitchen garden window, now would be the best time since you already know the rewards.

If you seek somebody to connect you with screened window professionals in your county, look no further than MyHomeQuote. We're a prominent contractor-matching platform with dozens of partners all over the US. We have pros who possess hands-on experience in installing and replacing garden windows. With them, your every hard-earned dollar will be spent wisely. 

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