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Everything your need to know about fiberglass shingles roof

Shingles fall under the most sought-after roofing type for residential property. They perfectly match different home styles and come in a wide price range. Besides, fiberglass shingles are durable, weatherproofing, and can last up to 25 years. They're made of a woven fiberglass base mat coated with asphalt for better weather resistance and topped with ceramic granules to withstand harmful UV rays. Fiberglass roofing is often compared to organic-mat shingles. However, they have different compositions. Organic-mat shingles have paper or wood in their basis, while fiberglass ones are a mix of manufactured chemicals and natural minerals that make them lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Everything your need to know about fiberglass shingles roof

If you consider using a fiberglass mat to cover your roof, you need to decide on the right type to install and compare this kind of roofing material with its asphalt counterpart. Keep reading to make an informed decision.

What are the types of fiberglass shingles?

The two most commonly used fiberglass roofing shingles are three-tab and architectural (or laminated).

Three-tab shingles

This common roofing type is considered the industry standard in homebuilding. Each shingle features three separate tabs uniform in shape and size. They are relatively thin and lightweight, making them easy to install and maintain. Three-tab shingles do not offer much versatility in styles and colors. They come in one shape and size. 

Three-tab shingles are 40-50% cheaper than their laminated counterparts. The average cost per bundle ranges from $25 to $30. However, while you can get three-tab shingles for a fraction of what you have to pay for architectural roofing, this investment won't give you a high return. The life expectancy of the three-tab roofing is 10-15 years lower than laminated one can offer. 

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Architectural shingles 

Also called dimensional or laminated, these shingles often cover the roofs of high-end homes. They're composed of a heavy fiberglass mat coated with ceramic mineral granules embedded in the asphalt underlayment. This combination of materials ensures perfect moisture and wind resistance, making this roofing material an ideal option for extreme climate conditions.

Architectural roofing combines tabs that are not uniform in shape and size. They overlap, developing a layering texture that looks appealing and creates an intricate design. Besides, contrary to the three-tab roofing option, the architectural one offers a wide array of textures and colors. You can even opt for dimensional shingles that imitate slate tile or wood shake roofing. 

The average service life of architectural roofing is 25-30 years. However, it may last much longer with regular and proper upkeep. Improved durability and extended lifespan are the primary competitive advantages of laminated shingles. You should expect to pay around $586 per square to cover the roof with architectural shingles. 

Now when you know the types of fiberglass shingles and their distinctive features, you can make a well-thought-out decision about a suitable roofing solution for your home. If you need additional professional advice, leave your request by this link. Our support team will match you with a dedicated roofing contractor in your area who can come to the site to consult you. 

What are the pros and cons of fiberglass shingles roof?

When selecting the shingles for your roof, you should consider the budget, home's location, and local climate. These three criteria will help you filter out the roofing options that do not fit your specific case. Most industry experts agree that cost-effective roofing shingles made of fiberglass are the best pick for homeowners seeking durability and visual appeal. However, we recommend you make your own decision based on the pros and cons of this shingling option.

What are the strong points of fiberglass roofing?

  • Weatherproofing. Asphalt covered with a fiberglass layer and ceramic granules ensures proper sealing and water resistance. That means asphalt fiberglass roof shingles are best to withstand heavy rains. 
  • Insulation. Shingles have a layer of glass fiber in their composition that boosts their heat resistance and give a better insulating factor for the home. That means fiberglass roofing is suitable to install in regions with temperature drops and hot climates.  
  • Durability. Shingles made of fiberglass are thinner and lighter than organic-mat ones. However, it does not hinder their longevity. Thus, a top-quality product may last up to 30 years, preserving its original appearance. 
  • Fire resistance. When selecting between fiberglass and asphalt shingles, consider the fire resistance of both materials. This factor is critical if you live in a fire-prone area. Organic shingles have paper in their composition, so they pose more danger of catching flame than fiberglass ones.
  • Eco-friendliness. Fiberglass roofing utilizes less asphalt in its construction than organic asphalt shingles, making it more environment-friendly. Besides, this material is recyclable. 

What are the weak points of fiberglass roofing?

  • Prone to wind damage. As we mentioned before, tiles made of fiberglass are lightweight and thin. While it is a great advantage, it's also a drawback, as shingles can get damaged during a storm. 
  • Poor frost resistance. While organic shingles have enough asphalt in their composition to stand up to temperatures below zero, their fiberglass counterparts become brittle and may get cracked. 
  • High maintenance. If you want your fiberglass shingles to look like new ones for years, you need to clean them with a pressure washer and special washing detergents at least once a season. Regular roof inspections are also inevitable. 

Fiberglass shingles vs. asphalt shingles - What to choose for your home?

Fiberglass is a relatively new material that originates from traditional asphalt roofing. Not to mix up these two roofing options, asphalt shingles are commonly referred to as organic. But be careful with the word "organic" regarding this type of roofing. This name does not refer to its eco friendliness but highlights that it's made from non-synthetic material compared to fiberglass. 

Both materials have asphalt in their structure but differ in the base. Fiberglass shingles have a fiberglass mat as a basis, while organic shingles paper. At first glance, these shingling options look identical, but if you look closely, the fiberglass ones are thinner and usually more appealing. Organic mat asphalt shingles, in their turn, are thicker and more durable. Compared to fiberglass roofs, they work well in stormy weather and rarely get damaged by high winds. Besides, organic asphalt roofing can easily withstand severe cold without getting cracked or brittle. Roofing with fiberglass mat has moisture and fire resistance and comes in various textures and styles. It costs slightly less than organic shingles. Plus, its light weight ensures simpler and more affordable installation. 

If you still cannot get clues on what a fiberglass roof is and how to pick the right type for your home, just let us know by filling out the request form on the website

The national average cost of fiberglass shingles

Roofing made of fiberglass is usually less expensive than options with more asphalt in their composition. Fiberglass roofing shingles are cost-effective and durable. Their average price falls between $60-$120 per square without labor. The high-end variabilities of this roofing material often have a lifetime warranty, while the minimum warranty offered by the manufacturer is 25 years. 

The national average price to install fiberglass shingles on a 1.500 square feet roof is $8.200. Architectural shingles that look like natural wood or slate are more complicated to work with. That is why you should expect to pay around $14.000 for their installation. 

Please note that fiberglass shingle prices may vary based on the roof's size, pitch, and accessibility. You should also consider the labor rates in your county. However, as a rule, the installation cost does not go higher than $230 per square. 

If you want to estimate fiberglass shingles' cost for your roofing project, MyHomeQuote is here to help. We have an extended network of contractors specializing in installing and replacing different roofing materials, including organic asphalt and fiberglass. They can estimate your project for free and without any obligations. 

Leave us your contact information and roof dimensions, and we will get back to you with a bunch of offers from reputable roofing pros.

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