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Brown Shingle House A Cozy Home

This medium-sized house has a classic farmhouse style. The siding is made of brown shingles and the roof is a gray gable style made of shingles. The combination of the brown siding and gray roof gives the house a warm and inviting look. The house is perfect for a family looking for a cozy home.

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Metallic Home of Lasting Strength

This large farmhouse style home has a white exterior with a dark grey metal gable roof. The metal roof gives the house a modern look while still maintaining the classic farmhouse style. The white walls and dark grey roof create a striking contrast that stands out against the surrounding landscape. The large size of the house gives it a grand presence and makes it a great choice for a family home.

Beige Medium House with Gable Roof

This beautiful Mediterranean style house has a medium size and is made of beige colored tiles. The roof is a gable type and is painted in a bright red color making it stand out from the rest of the house. The combination of the beige tiles and the red roof gives the house a unique and eye-catching look. The house is surrounded by lush green trees and plants making it look even more inviting.

Brown Gable-Roofed Wood House

This house is a medium-sized dwelling with a mix of materials. The roof is a light gray color and the siding is made of wood. The windows are framed with white trim and the front door is a deep red. The house has a small porch with a white railing and a few steps leading up to the entrance. The yard is well-manicured and has a few trees and shrubs.

Mixed Material Clapboard Siding House

This small traditional house has a mixed material siding of clapboard. The roof is a gable type and is a dark grey color. The house is a single family home and is a great size for a small family. It has a classic look that will never go out of style.

Medium Gray Hip Shingle Clapboard House

This medium-sized farmhouse has a hip roof with gray shingles. The exterior is clad in clapboard siding giving it a classic look. The house is a single-family dwelling with plenty of room for a family to live comfortably. The hip roof and clapboard siding give the house a traditional farmhouse feel making it a great choice for those looking for a cozy home.